About Us

About Arewa Muslim Spouse (AMS)

AMS is a website and mobile app aimed at addressing the contemporary and growing challenges of finding Muslim husband/wives in Northern Nigeria. It can be used by anyone who is from (or interested) in marrying a MUSLIM person of Northern Nigerian origin or extraction.

We believe that suitable spouses abound all over Northern Nigeria but due to lack of awareness or information as well as unavailability of a safe and reliable platform or means of communication, many people struggle to find the right one. There is someone for everyone and the sole purpose of AMS is to bring compatible people together in a manner that is compliant with Islamic principles.

AMS is designed to be inclusive. We believe the traditional approach of involving family members and trusted friends can also be accommodated by using a mobile App or website like ours. This is why we encourage potential spouses to involve their family and friends in the process so that they are able to select the right persons.

We have made it cheap to subscribe to the premium AMS service. We are proud to provide such services at a price that is within the means of the average person in Northern Nigeria.